SILHOUETS Collection by Petra Van Den Burg

This summer collection 2017 by Petra van den Burg and her team shows craftsmanship, passion and creativity. SILHOUETS originated from the actual creation of a look. Petra van den Burg always starts the drafts of her collection by drawing silhouettes. “A shape is the base of everything… the details will follow”, according to Petra. A versatile collection, in which flirtations between the thrilling variations. Of soft and tough are taken place. Subtle pastels combined with nature tones and set up on summery and sultry coupes.


Super volume where femininity and the silhouette are key. The hair has been set up with big rollers to give extra bounce and body.

Contours at the front of the face have been made with a finer curling technique whereas the back has more loose character. This mixture between both curling techniques result in a 3.0 Victorian look. The roots have been colored with a Peach tint, which has been gently massaged all the way to the mid-lengths and ends during the rinsing process.

The side- and back part have been shaved and combined with longer upper lengths due to disconnection. Colored with Shine Shades in an Ash Grey tint.

Massive volume at the back part has been created with the help of extensions, which have been hooked into a b-hive. The differences in both color and structure result in a perfect mergence.

Tight cutting techniques formed in a V shape at the front, combined with shaving techniques both at the sides and back part. The frontal V shape has been bleached and colored with Ash Blue from Shine Shades.

A summery pastel bleached coupe designed with a mint color and added with pastel pink from mid-length till end. Both colors from Shines Shades by Chi Farouk.

Hand painted Animal tiger print on shaved sides and back part. Base has been colored with a bleach.

3-dimensional coloring at the front with a spacious V shape, bleached and colored with purple and blue from Shine Shades. Rest of the hair has been colored with a Dark Violet.

Collection Credits:
Photography: Richard Monsieurs; Make-up: Marinella Baks & Bibi Engelbertink
Styling: Annet Veerbeek; Hair Assistant: Martine, Loraine, Myon & Yvonne
Haircolours by Farouk, Extensions by Balmain; PR: The Image Factory