Patrick Cameron – House of Luxury

Building on the success of his craft-based collection, Heritage, Patrick Cameron graced this years Salon International with the launch of his latest collection, ‘House of Luxury.’ Inspired by the braid trend that has captured the interest of stylists around the world, Patrick has produced his collection featuring the easiest techniques ever to prepare the hairdresser for the bang-on-trend braiding revolution set to continue into 2020.

A natural educator, Patrick unveiled his latest collection in an intimate salon seminar setting, talking the audience through six out of his fifteen exclusive styles from the collection and detailing the step by step techniques to achieving the finished look.

Joined on stage by Artistic Director and Designer of the beautiful couture gowns, Marco Erbi, Patrick introduced the collection by creating a beautiful hair up style explaining the style was for hairdresser ‘who don’t like braiding, but have to braid.’ Simplifying the braid, Patrick took two sections of the hair and split them into two, crossing the strands over each other. Gathering the sections on each side, Patrick twisted the sections into a textured roll and secured at the nape of the neck. Repeating on the remaining side, Patrick finished the style with a diamante accessory from his new merchandise range, launched at this years exhibition.

A signature style in all of his collections, Patrick then introduced the audience to a voluminous style, one that he described as ’Vogue-esque.’ Beginning the style with a classic bouffant, Patrick took sections of the hair and carefully wrapped across a central line down to the nape of the neck, creating the illusion of a fishtail plait. With the hair secured, Patrick back combed the end of the ponytail creating a dishevelled ponytail. ‘Simple yet sophisticated,’ explained Patrick.

Four further styles followed, with Patrick and Marco taking the audience through each step by step to achieving the finished looks, along with product recommendations and advice on ensuring the styles are long lasting. Patrick explained that all the styles within this new collection are created for the client and can result in profitability for salons across the world.

Before closing this years seminar, Patrick shared how his goal was for the collection to be reinterpreted in each hairdresser’s style. “It’s about taking the ideas and making them your own,” he encouraged. “And I never, never, never use a mirror,” Patrick explained. “My eyes are my mirror. I’m continuously going around and looking from all angles. Give yourself a dimensional view, and then take the styles home and play with them to make them your own.”

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