Dusan Licina | Professional hairdresser & OMC Jury – Biography

Dusan Licina, a member of the international jury in the OMC – World Hairdressers Organization

I had began to be a hairdresser  from love and hobbies, although I did not initially finish school for hairdressers. When I say I work, I do not really mean because I love this job, and when doing something that you love then you enjoy yourself, so I enjoy while I work. With work, later I had graduated at the School of Beauty Care in Belgrade and after that, the Specialized Fifth Degree with the title of Creator of Women’s Fashion Hairstyles. By gaining experience, I realized that I wanted new knowledge and progress in my work, and I attended several academies and many workshops, of which my favorite La Biosthetikue workshops were. In the exchange of experiences during my talkings  with colleagues, I heard that there are hairdressing associations, and during the founding of the New Belgrade Hairdressing Club (which in fifteen years of existence became the leading club on the territory of the former Yugoslavia and which counts a big  number of members and prizes) I had approached club activities and competitions . My further development through the competition and the won awards resulted in the fact that I became a member of the national jury, and then from 2012 also a member of the international jury in the OMC (World Hairdressers Organization).

I had started the competition tour in 2003. and it lasted until March 2012. when I became an active member of the international jury OMC.

During the competition period I had competed all over the former Yugoslavia where I won various awards and recognition, and I was also a member of national team in Paris in 2007 and 2010, in Milan in 2012 and at the European Championship in Vienna in 2012. when I won the Bronze medal.

With my work and knowledge, I gained the confidence of my colleagues (from the association I am member) to work with the competitors as a coach, so I, as our national coach, prepared teams for international and world competitions where we won numerous awards. In addition to the competition scene, I have done many seminars and trainings in our country and countries of the former Yugoslavia as well as abroad (France, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, etc.)

From the HAIRVORLD Milano 2012. I am a active member of the International Jury board at all European and World competitions, and a triple winner of the prestigious OMC International ACHIEVEMENT AVARD  for outstanding contribution to the hairdressing industry.

I further inspire my creativity by researching and experimenting with different brands, and I have worked and have experience with many brands, but I have currently held on the brands Schvartzkopf Professional, Moroccanoil and Nika, which I use today in my salon, because I do not like to make any compromises on the question the quality of the product I work with.

The STYLING MAGAZINE  in my salon occupies an important place. I want to congratulate the authors on this occasion and to thank them for creating an excellent magazine in this region, which is far ahead of others. They always publish the latest collections from around the world and give us ideas and the necessary inspiration.

I would like to give advice to all young people who want to work seriously this job,  that this is one of the most beautiful occupations. It is very important to regularly educate and follow trends, styles and ways of working in the hairdressing industry in order to express their creativity. Education is very important and we mustn’t  make any compromises on the quality of our training, our work as well as the products we use, because it depends on which way we will go and what our career will be. By doing this work with love and open mind, besides getting to know many people, you will notice and learn to respect diversity, and then your view at the World will be different.