Argan Oil and Styling Magazine at the BeautyIstanbul Exhibition

The Styling Professional Company presented its products and services again this year, at one of the largest cosmetic fairs in the world, Beauty Istanbul, held from 2-4 October 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey.

As a new addition in its exceptionally high-quality offer, Styling Professional has promoted a unique project in the field of hairdressing and cosmetic education called “DESC International”. It is the first institution for the complete methodological education of hairdressers and beauticians, and therefore the presentations of the books “DESC BOOK” and “Methodology of Complete Hairdresser Training”, by the project founders Nebojsa Bjelica and Predrag Radovanovic, have attracted enormous attention.

During the three day fair, the new issue of Styling Magazine, a magazine in the field of Hair Beauty and Makeup, was successfully promoted. The prestigious Argan Oil collections of top hair care products were also presented. As one of the world’s leading magazines, Styling Magazine has attracted a large number of visitors to its booth, presenting them the content of its pages: the latest collections of the most famous hairdressers from London, the perfect hairstyles collection of the most famous hairdressers from the World Hairdressing Center, announcements for all major world events in the field of cosmetic industry, as well as an exclusive collection of professional hair care products. In addition to that, interested parties could also read reports from previous fairs at which the magazine was present, such as “Cosmoprof Bologna” in Italy, “Salon International” in London and many others at local levels.

The Beauty Istanbul Fair attracted more than 20,000 visitors from almost every country in the world. Companies that have secured a place in the “hairdressing world”, cosmetics, makeup industry, as well as in the field of cosmetic machine industry, have exhibited their products in two large halls. Some of them presented innovations in the development of cosmetic technology.

The organizers of the Fair, in cooperation with large companies, also facilitated meetings of company representatives with potential distributors and individuals interested in conducting business in this area called “B 2 B”, which attracted the special attention of visitors.

For the superbly organized fair all the praise goes to the organizers as well as the owner of the fair “Beauty Istanbul”, Mr. Er Mahmut, who once again showed the knowledge and skill in organizing major world projects in the field of cosmetic industry.