Vanilla Blooms Wedding Collection by Sharon Blain

Spring awakens the senses, flowers bloom, a fresh and youthful energy emerges out of the depths of winters past.
This alluring collection combines a collective of refined textures, while captivating the soft delicate floral synergies between each image.
The hair shows a variety of skills, from stunning session finishes, to a simple but perfectly executed ‘show’ and editorial styling.
Styling, makeup, hair and props work in simplistic harmony to bring to life the ‘Vanilla Blooms’ collection.

Hair Mentor: Sharon Blain
Hair Team: Kerri Arvidson, Sophie Clarke, LuLu Benavidez, Nick Lorenzini, Christine O’Sullivan, Patty Nguyen
Photographer: Anthony Friend
Styling: Sabine Feuilloley
Make-Up: Liz Olivier
Set Design: Anthony Friend
Flowers: Petalart by Michelle
Computer Technical: Liudi Hara Nakanishi