The largest exhibition in the Eurasia Region broke the visitor record by hosting 11,786 people from 130 countries!

 International Cosmetics, Beauty, Hair Exhibition-BeautyEurasia, which is the largest exhibition in Eurasia where the representatives of cosmetics and personal care industries from 33 different countries meet in İstanbul, attracted a great deal of attention from the visitors and exhibitors…

15th International Cosmetics, Beauty, Hair Exhibition-BeautyEurasia, the largest exhibition in Eurasia region which is organized by Platform Uluslararası Fuarcılık operating under ITE Turkey, has held a successful exhibition at the İstanbul Expo Center between June 20-22, 2019. This year, the exhibition hosted 367 exhibitor companies from 33 countries and 11,786 visitors from 130 countries. International Cosmetics, Beauty, Hair Exhibition-BeautyEurasia which attracted 51% more international visitors compared to the last year and was organized in line with the expectations of the users in the fields of cosmetics and beauty products, products which are adapted to changing beauty and cosmetics trends are presented to the visitors.

Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu participated in the opening event of the exhibition and stated that it is his first participation in such an exhibition which included exhibitors from 36 countries and added, “I have attended many openings in my political and commercial life,” and he further emphasized the importance of BeautyEurasia, the largest cosmetics exhibition in Eurasia, by stating; “I feel excited, happy, and proud for attending such an exhibition, hosted by this beautiful city of İstanbul, where 36 countries are represented for the first time.”

Exhibition Director Filiz Mehmedova expressed her satisfaction at organizing the International Cosmetics, Beauty and Hair Exhibition- BeautyEurasia and added:  “In the exhibition, we provided the exhibitors with a platform that gives the opportunity of meeting beauty and cosmetics professionals, obtaining information on the cosmetics industry in Turkey, and performing business development activities with manufacturers and organizations. In addition, we have provided new business partnership opportunities by hosting over 80 professional buyers from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, Peru, Serbia, Spain, Ukraine and India within the scope of VIP International Hosted Buyer program organized this year as well. Important representatives from the global cosmetics industry were also among these buyers. For the first time this year, all the exhibitors, visitors, and hosted buyers had the chance to network effectively and quickly for free through smartphones and web application and had the opportunity to expand their network by connecting with the right customers and suppliers thanks to ITE Connect Matchmaking Program (Matchmaking System). Additionally, with the support of the Ministry of Trade, the Hosted Buyer Program was organized this year as well. Our primary goals are to ensure that our country gains global recognition in the cosmetics industry and to contribute to our country in order to provide more production and ever-increasing volume of exports. Our exhibition, which attracts massive attention from foreign countries, was visited by 11,786 visitors this year.

The Visitors were Fascinated by the Attractive Events that Took Place Within the Exhibition

Conferences, technological presentations, and hair shows were organized in the three-day exhibition. The exhibition, which hosted the industry professionals and influencers with the events program held in cooperation with leading institutions and organizations, updated the knowledge of the exhibitors with topics including sectoral trends, technological developments, legislations, and ways to improve export sales. In addition, a new road map was created for foreign investors, domestic producers, buyers, and decision-makers.

As well as providing an opportunity to meet beauty and cosmetics professionals, and an information-sharing environment regarding the cosmetics industry in Turkey, BeautyEurasia’s events program, which served as a channel to meet important industry experts, manufacturers and organizations, offered information and entertainment together.

In the Future, User-friendly and Easy to Carry Cosmetic Products will be Popular

The session under the title of “Sectoral New Trends and Growth Promising Areas“ held in cooperation with the Private Label Association of Turkey (PLAT),  the evolution of consumer expectations is addressed. In the panel which was moderated by PLAT General Manager Burak Aksoy, the constantly changing course of the industry’s journey was discussed. General Manager of MG Gülçiçek Kimya Bülent Konca shared his industry forecasts for 2035 and stated that there will be a rapid growth in personal care products and product ranges with noticeable benefits will stand out among others. Saying that “Due to the increasing mobilization of consumers, user-friendly solutions that provide ease of use and carry and products that reduce water consumption such as dry shampoos are among the new trends,” Konca also added that the concepts of aromatherapy and natural therapy are in the forefront when it comes to personal care products.

Price-oriented Consumer Behaviour

On the other hand, Purchasing Manager of Çağrı Market Chain, Abidin Çavuşoğlu pointed out that consumer habits change very quickly. Stating that they sense the customer response to a product which is in the right place with respect to the triangle of benefit, quality, and price, Çavuşoğlu said that “Today, consumers buy reasonably priced products. This also leads to a negative result that reduces brand loyalty. When it comes to our expectations for the future, we think that the trend for natural products will increase.”

Organic, Natural Hair Dye and Conditioner Industries are Growing Rapidly

Nielsen Client Group Manager Turan Konu pointed out that there are two main axes of consumer trends in Turkey. “Price and the Good Life.” Underlining the price sensitivity, Konu stated that “Our research conducted in 2018 demonstrates that price awareness of consumers increased from 69% to %91 compared to the previous year.” Konu listed the actions taken against price changes as follows:  “As of the first quarter of 2019, the cosmetics industry is among the fields in which consumption is cut. Additionally, 8 of every 10 shopper says that they spend more time at home.”

Konu reminded that in the Nielsen Global Sustainability Report including global consumers, 73 percent of the participants said that “I change my shopping habits to reduce the impact on the environment.” “In the axis of convenience, purchasing power, awareness, and price, which are the basic requirements of retail, the consumer prefers products that are healthier both for himself and the world. In other words, the intersection of ‘Healthy for Me ‘and ‘Healthy for the World’ approaches is organic, 100 percent natural, and additive-free products. With respect to personal care and trends, organic and natural products make their presence felt. Hair dye and conditioner industries are among the industries in which the market for organic and natural products grow the most.”

The importance of Quality, R&D, and Raw Material in the Industry

In the second conference of the day held in cooperation with the Association of Cosmetic Manufacturers and Researchers (KÜAD), the headlines that must be taken into consideration during quality, production, and R & D processes were discussed under the moderation of Vice President of KÜAD and General Manager of Eko Kimya Hale Yedier.

Bekir Çakıcı from SFA R&D reminded that for product innovation, it is important that producers stay alert. Adding that the competition has reached to “brutal” levels, Çakıcı said that “Experienced companies, laboratories, and academics of the industry should come together and act in cooperation. In this period of high competition, the union of the forces will be very valuable.”

Emphasizing the importance of every substance in the production processes of the industry,  Dr. Oğuz Öztürk from Morlab Biotechnology reminded that water quality and adequacy of equipment have a huge impact on the product quality: “Even the smallest microbiological growth in water may cause your most expensive product to go to the trash. In addition to the raw material, attention should be paid to the quality and necessity of the devices that must be used in the R & D process such as precision scales and mechanical and magnetic mixers.”

R&D, Quality Assurance Manager at Yıldız Holding and Member of the Board at KÜAD Şule Küçükoğlu pointed out that Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are very important for all employees and that GMP-oriented studies should be carried out and managed with great care and rigor.

Many brands have already booked for the 16th BeautyEurasia, which is the international meeting point of the beauty industry that will be held between June 18-20 in 2020.