This year’s collection, The Crying Game, is a collaboration made up of Dee’s alter ego.  Consistently pushing boundaries, her love of all things glamorous, and her daily reality of cutting and styling hair – all traits are exposed through this collection.

Whilst wanting to showcase the fashion forward progressive hairstyles that make up the The Crying Game, Dee wanted to ensure each model presented as individual but beautiful, celebrating each one’s unique features.

The crying makeup was inspired by her muse, international makeup artist Pat McGrath.  By not wanting to complicate the collection, Dee kept the use of extreme colour work and clothes styling to a minimum.

According to Dee, The Crying Game is a powerful, slick collection and a celebration of modern day hair.  It’s use of texture and sharp lines creates a collection that boldly shows her true passion and vision for hairdressing in 2017.



Hairdresser:  Dee Parker Attwood
Name of Collection:  The Crying Game
Photography:  Karla Majnaric
Makeup:  Liz Jenkinson-Muafx
Colorist:  Wieselmann