UNEMBELLISHMENT by Sanja Scher, Rokk Ebony


The collection name is UNEMBELLISHMENT.
I was inspired by the desire to strip an over embellished world, removing any distraction and over complicated beauty. Coming back to the simple, yet beautiful look of cleanly coloured and styled hair. I wanted to bring blonde hair back to basics, using seasonal inspiration. My collection depicts blondes that mimic the warmth of summer, the freshness of spring, the coolness of winter and the fiery hues of autumn.
The collection shows Earths natural beauty, with fresh naked skin adored by beautiful, uncomplicated hair. The collection also pays tribute to the natural movement and texture of hair. My aim was to pull back on over complicating the finished look, resulting in an achievable and everyday wearable look that transcend to the elegance evening as well.

Collection Credits:
Hairdresser: Sanja Scher; Colourist: Sanja Scher; Salon: rokk ebony, Melbourne, Australia
Stylist: Sanja Scher; Make-Up Artist: Yoshi Su; Photographer: Yoshi Su