Stiner London Dinner- Special guest Director of Recruitment Debbie Weaver from London

Dana Ristic, Ambassador of the company for Eastern Europe, as well as a recruiter for Serbia, Alabania, Macedonia and Montenegro, in the arrival of Chief Steiner Steiner from London, Debbie Weaver, director of worldwide recruitment organized dinner at Restaurant Station on 21st June at 21h. This is where more than 20 partners of the Spa and Hairdressing and Marketing companies with whom Steiner Company have been cooperating successfully were present. The Steiner employs around 3000 people a year and even 200 from Serbia. The reason for Debbie’s visit was a media visit to 4 televisions in 3 newspaper interviews as well as a tour of the schools and academies with which Steiner collaborates. Company Steiner is very satisfied with the Serbian recruits and is looking forward to strengthen relations even more with our partners as well as the media in Serbia for better cooperation in the future. Debbie explains.