EA – 2C Collection by Elise Antoine, Mylord France

EA – 2C Collection by Elise Antoine, Mylord France 
Style, character and femininity are the words that define the new summer 2018 collection made by Elise Antoine. Elise Antoine rediscovers intuitive fashion, which sophisticated style is marked with simplicity and modernity. The new collection derives inspiration from street fashion and graphic arts marking the ROCK NEW-AGE trend. Opalescent blond with golden and silver tints illuminate nonstructural bobs. Elise Antoine delineates her trends, creating a surprising technique called “Hair-tagge” with azure and pearl rose effects.

Collection Credits:
Hair: Elise Antoine Mylord France; Photo: Weronika Kosinska
Make-up: Izabela Szelagowska; Stylism: Waleria Tokarzewska-Karaszewicz
Coaching: Christophe Gaillet; Production: MK Production