DAGA | Collection by Amparo Fernandez


Behind of DAGA Collection, we find a refined cutting technique, a meticulous work of shapes, textures and volumes that culminates with the color tones of raging trends: ICE-STRAWBERRY, DARKBLUE, ORANGERER or INDIANRED, which make up our collection. The most important makeup on the lip stands out, which we define as METAL-LIP.

DAGA dresses in LA CONDESA, a spanish haute couture company, which suggests handmade brocades in metallic threads, masterfully intertwined. His craft and “made in Spain” philosophy fits perfectly with the techniques used in DAGA, which works with textures, volumes and shapes with finger adjustments. DAGA allows us to make the imagination fly, evoking the beauty of the ornamentation of daggers and the splendor of a timeless craftsmanship.

Collection Credits:
Hairdressing: Amparo Fernández @ La Pelu – Amparo Fernández
Photographer: Rebeca Saray;
Styling: La Condesa; MUA: Trini F. Silva