Who is Mounir? Amazing Hair Colour Transformation by Mounir

When it comes to some kind of a stylist, then it can be expected that it is someone virtuoso. In the last period, the reaction is “wow” when mentioning the name Mounir – in the hairdressing industry. But who is Mounir, why so much talking?

For those who do not know and for those who want to learn more, Mounir is a hairdresser from Lebanon who is famous for his shocking hairstyles made in less than 1 minute. He is specialized in a BOB hairstyle made in less than a minute. Creates perfectly balanced ombre hairstyles, beautiful bailage and extravagant wedding hairstyles… He creates perfect transformations and has many videos, so we can say his work is also educational.

Mounir is a hairdresser of many celebrities and is increasingly becoming famous in the show business. In addition to the two salons it has in Beirut, Lebanon, Mounir can be reached in two more locations in Kurdistan – Iraq.

And most recently he announced that very soon Mounir will open a chain of hair salons in Egypt!
In addition, look at the MOUNIR style:

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