‘DRIFT, nostalgic, reinventive, creative…’ Sanrizz Collection

“…Playing with the balance between masculine and feminine

– a sleek side parting or a hint of root lift for subtle sexiness
– and that’s just for boys” says Leonardo Rizzo, International Creative Director for Sanrizz, speaking about his latest collaboration with super-colourist Sharon Cox for Sanrizz. “The function of the collection is to learn how to unfinish your hair. “For years and years as leading international educators we’ve been teaching precision and acute accuracy – the hardest of parallels is to maintain the precision but dress the hair in an accurate unfinished way.”

“The key finish is the colour”, says Sharon Cox. “Colour that is natural and un-done. We are moving on from dual colour ways and balayage mixes to solid confident block colours with the introduction of a sexy accent.”

Drift embraces wearable hair. These are styles that men and women really want to wear, with some beautiful forever accents.

Hair by: Sanrizz Artistic Team
Styling by: Rubina Marchiori
Make up by: Tamara Tott
Photography by: Jamie Blanshard